Retail Baker Members are independently owned companies involved in the production and sale of their own baked foods directly to consumers through their own single or multiple retail outlets.

In-Store Baker Members are individual and independently owned grocery stores which have an established bakery department, however the sale of bakery foods is not their primary business.

Chainstore/Franchisor Members are companies that have multiple store locations operating under the same name or banner.

Commercial Baker Members are involved in the production and sale of baked foods to retail outlets/food service industries either on a provincial, national or international basis.

Provincial Allied Members are single plant operations that supply goods and services to the baking industry primarily in one province.

National Allied Members are companies that supply goods and services to the baking industry on a national or international basis.

Tradesperson Members are individuals who service the baking industry.


All fee information is kept in strict confidence

BAC Membership DuesAnnual Dues
Retail Bakery First Year Introductory Offer$75
Retail Bakery (per outlet)$125
In-Store Bakery (per outlet)$125
Allied (National)$700
Allied (Provincial)$450

Fees (Commercial Bakers)

Dues Structure: based on $ million per annual sales rounded to the closest $ million.

CategorySales in MillionsBase Fee+ Increment
1Up to $10 Million$0$250 per $Million sales
2$10-$24 Million$2,500$225 per $Million sales for $10-$24 Mil
3$25-$74 Million$5,875$75 per $Million sales for $25-$74 Mil
4$75-$199 Million$9,625$50 per $Million sales for $75 - $200 Mill
5$200 Million +$15,875$30 per $Million sales over $200 Mil

Example 1: $5 Million Sales = 5 x $250 = Fee $1,250 + GST or HST
Example 2: $15 Million Sales = $2,500 + (5 x @225) = Fee $3,625 + GST or HST