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The Professional Bakers' Manual Fourth Edition
By George Rudolph and Ken Sohm

Anyone can bake a loaf of bread or make a dozen cookies. But not many know how to bake a dozen loaves or twelve dozen cookies. This book is for the professional baker, someone who is involved in the commercial production of baked goods such as breads, buns, pies, pastries and cakes.

This book (currently used as the teaching text in a number of colleges across Canada) is written for the person who starts baking and wishes to make baking his or her career. It teaches the fundamentals of hygiene and sanitation and describes clean and safe working habits. It covers most common equipment, utensils and hand tools used in the average retail bakery. It gives a basic description of ingredients used in baking. By studying them the baker will learn how to identify, buy, store, and use them. It gives a large number of well-tested good quality, commonly used recipes. It describes the technical and scientific principle of modern baking and it covers the management aspe
cts of baking which will help a baker run a business.

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