Why Become a Member?

Membership in the Baking Association of Canada is open to all Canadian bakers, large and small, who are currently conducting (or planning) business in the Canadian marketplace, as well as affiliate suppliers of goods and services and individual tradespeople

  • Advocate & Champion Bakery Industry Competitiveness
  • Discounted access to the Bakery Showcase & Chapter Events
  • Expert assistance and latest resources support your business
  • Invest in Talent Attraction & Development
  • Savings with insurance and group RRSPs

Pay online via Credit Card or choose “Bill Me” option to be invoiced.

Membership renewals are sent yearly. 

Membership Benefits Package

Employee Benefits for Canadian Bakeries

Fresh out of the oven: an employee benefits plan mixed, proofed, and prepared for Canadian bakeries and their employees. Let us help you put together the right employee benefits plan to attract and retain employees. | LEARN MORE

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America’s Baker Association: Education & Training Opportunities

The American Bakers Association (ABA) and the Baking Association of Canada (BAC) announced a partnership focused on developing the technical baking skills of their Members’ workforces. The partnership will open up ABA’s highly regarded Bakers Manufacturing Academy training programs to members of the BAC.

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Introducing Managed Mobile Plans

Baking Association of Canada (BAC) and Vesta Networks are pleased to introduce managed SAVE phone plans for our friends and partners, taking the hassle out of dealing with mobile carriers. Powered by Rogers, all SAVE plans include the additional features shown below plus unlimited US calling (and texting) from Canada.

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Fidelity: Exclusive Payment Processing Rates

Join the Baking Association of Canada & Get Exclusive Payment Processing Rates. The Baking Association of Canada is committed to saving you money and offering unmatched value, which is why we’re proud to partner with Fidelity Payment Services. Through our partnership with Fidelity, we’ve negotiated exclusive flat-rate pricing just for our members.

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GroupHEALTH AdvantagePLUS Employee Benefit Plan

Who is GroupHEALTH? Canada’s largest 3rd party employee benefits provider. In business 40 years and licensed in every province and territory. The GroupHEALTH Model: A national network of Advisor Partners supported by GH’s 500+ staff members.

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Member Categories

Member Fees


Companies (with a single corporate ownership or acting as a franchisor) with multiple store locations operating under the same name or banner.

Retail Bakers:

Independently owned companies whose primary business is the production and sale of their own baked foods directly to the consumer through their own retail outlet(s). BAC offers a special introductory rate for first time retail baker members.

In-Store Bakers:

Individual and independently owned grocery stores which have an established bakery department but the sale of bakery foods is not their primary business.

Industrial Bakers:

Bakeries whose primary business is the production and sale of baked foods to retail outlets/food service industries either on a provincial, national, or international basis. Membership dues are based on annual Canadian sales. (Please call office to calculate)

National Allied:

Companies or schools, which supply goods and services to the baking industry on a national or international basis.

Tradesperson / Individual:

Available to individuals who are employed in the baking  industry or their employer is already a member company or the company they work for does not qualify for membership in any other category as well as other interested individuals.

Provincial Allied:

Single plant operations or schools, which supply goods and services to the baking industry primarily in one province.

BAC Membership DuesAnnual Dues
Retail Bakery First Year Introductory Offer$100
Retail Bakery (per outlet)$125
In-Store Bakery (per outlet)$125
Allied (National)$800
Allied (Provincial)$500
Hotel/Resort Chain$2,000
Hotel Resort Individual Outlet$500

Fees (Commercial Bakers)

Dues Structure: based on $ million per annual Canadian sales rounded to the closest $ million.

CategorySales in MillionsBase Fee+ Increment
1Up to $10 Million$0$250 per $Million sales
2$10-$24 Million$2,500$225 per $Million sales for $10-$24 Mil
3$25-$74 Million$5,875$75 per $Million sales for $25-$74 Mil
4$75-$199 Million$9,625$50 per $Million sales for $75 - $200 Mill
5$200 Million +$15,875$30 per $Million sales over $200 Mil

Example 1: $5 Million Sales = 5 x $250 = Fee $1,250 + GST or HST
Example 2: $15 Million Sales = $2,500 + (5 x @225) = Fee $3,625 + GST or HST